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The wait is finally over. Big chungus has become a video game. Winning 352 Game awards before its release. From the creator no mans sky. Now this is epic. Drop in to this open world experience. A world so vast of exploration, you will get lost. YES there is multiplayer. However, its very very unlikely you will see others because the world is so vast. Enrich yourself into this deep, story that will have you on the edge of your seat. The two greatest world powers, big chungus and thanos brawl , see who takes power of the universe. This is possibly the most ambisous crossover in entertainment history, as characters such as walluigi, sans, and skipper gang up after being  controlled by thanos. Big chungus must enter the ender portal of dispair, and prolongue his journey until you click that download button. What are you waiting for, chungus needs your help.

TIP: THIS GAME ONLY FEATURES HDR, AND FXAA on the new souljagame console and ps4, however, the bad port is still on pc here.

Reviews: IGN- "This is possibly the greatest thing in existence known to man in entertainment. This is the game that creates a new standard of entertainment as a whole. This is our one exception to the ten rating system. This game gets an eleven"

Jim Sterling: "Nice"


Install instructions

extract zip file and run exe


Big Chungus GAme.zip 231 MB


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i have a problem whit my chungus always spinnin'

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3100+ downloads! Wtf guys I thought this meme was ded but y’all keep downloading. If you guys can get Jim Sterling to review this game. I’ll update it. Otherwise I’ll let it die. 🗿🗿🗿(plz somehow make it happen)

Ahhhhh, That Hot

That’s hot


nice, a shitpost? ok.  maybe its fine.

Basically a shitpost reincarnated as a game

nah dude, I played this heap. Im, just as shocked as you that ppl like it. 

oh my god it has Sans

10/10 would like to have a good time again

I don't know how to open the game, only look at it's files.

extract file and click BigCHungus.exe

Turkish YouTuber here... Just lol bro, I fell in love with ur game xd

An epic playthrough of an absolutely epic game... IGN 11/10 indeed... 

nooo Godddd please nooo

That GOTY award you've won was well deserved imo. Great job on the execution, the soundtrack and sfx were amazing. Didn't get to Thanos sadly, maybe i will in sequel. 


it didn't work on my ps4, all it says is that it can't be recognised

every time i touch the portal on wrld 1 i crash and the game stops responding

this is it

god bless this game

well the meme is dead now so rip

o shit this got 1000+ downloads. Damn I just made this as a joke asset dump but ppl be downloading it I guess


This...This was special. God I never laughed so hard in my life playing this game. The quality made it even better!


Is this a virus cuz it says its one.

No. What r u checking it on


I tried my best to get somewhere in this game but...I was all Chungus'ed out.
I did record it though along with several other moments of... Chungus.


lol you're a funny weird dude, glad all that Chungusing didn't melt your mind. ..or did it?


My mind is as fortified aand as strong as Big Chungus!
....Okay, maybe it melted a little.

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The swords/shields don't seem to work. Plus they are completely invisible. Fix this for a 11/10. 10/10 in its current state.

Can someone please teach me how to map controller inputs or just make a table of  the inputs?  I want to use a controller :/ 

It should just work out of the box. No need for mapping usually


LOnG LiVe OuR kInG  bIg ChUnGuS

WaKaNdA FuReVeR!

I love the meme but normies ruined it it just isn't that funny anymore. You just put dead memes in it for it to be funny.

I don't know, even for a meme i think it's lazy to be completely honest.

Just kidding 10/10

Not supposed to be taken seriously. Pretty obvious by the first 5 second intro

I SAID JK 10/10!

But honestly i completely understand it. My favorite quote is 'Even if you are being ironic it still might be bad". Well honestly it's funny to play it one time and forget about .

I watched the goddamn video and I'm glad I've lived long enough to experience the rising of our father and savior 

I went north, but I couldn't find the Portal. Am I supposed to go a different way?

No it’s north

i went through the portal but can't figure out how to get out of the prison thing your spawned in after

u have to go downstairs and beat the enemys until you get to the bottom level and fight thanos

cool I didn't notice a downstairs but I'll try that in the morning thanks dude 

HerroGames- Can I have your permission to port this to the xbox/playstation stores?

Idk if ur being serious or not. Do you actually have publisher accounts. Can you port from unity? Lmk if ur being serious

Yes I'm serious. I want to make discs for it and everything. I just want your permission before I buy Dev accounts and publish them to the store. Also can I get the Unity Project files? I just need a copy that doesn't effect yours and the only thing I'll change is pry the control layout so it works better on console. I also need it so I can export it for Xbox or Microsoft store. It requires a .UWP file to publish. This is all pre-planned so it might take a few days to contact my bank and transfer the funds and publish it but I'll do it. Also at the moment I can only make an Xbox One version.

Ill need to talk to you privately. Do you have an email I can contact. Discord would be easiest for me.